Story of two doctors. Couple photo session on the beaches of Cádiz
The beach was crowded. It was hot that day and it was the perfect excuse to surfing

Leila and David are a couple of doctors, lovers of Cádiz, sun, beach and surf. This is their story ...

We had a lot of time planning this session looking for the perfect moment. At last we had them already ... At first it took a while to find the perfect spot, but we finally found just the right time ... with the sunset and the best possible light

David is from Asturias, based in Cádiz, Leila is from Galicia, but with the soul of San Fernando. For him it was not the first time on camera, but for her was the ‘photographic baptism’. All was arose in a natural way, it was like a typical day in their lives ... they managed to forget that we were there with them. We did not stop to photograph every moment, their gazes, gestures ... everything.

The Atlantic Ocean greeted us with his cold face. I did not want to limit myself to shoot from the shore with a telephoto lens; you know ... if you do not like the photo ... Get closer.

I can only thank these guys for having made everything very easy, much more than we expected, and thanks for making our trip to Cadiz had an ending like this.