“Are diferent pictures, we love them” this was that Ángel told us the first time we met in Madrid, a year before of the wedding day to be sure we could take the photos of their wedding.

“We trust you in everything, and we are sure the photos will be amazing” Marta said that day.

“Ok Ángel, lest go, it´s spring time”, “you were right, the getting ready at the hotel was one of the best ideas”, “this is for a lifetime”, “or you take photos, or make the video, it is truth”, “where were taken these photos?”, “uffffff… we are very bad in Cadiz, with this sun and the good weather… imagine it”… Are some of the thing that this couple told us, we have laughed with, and defines our work.

Now, we see the photos and we think we are so proud having this kind of clients. From the wedding day in Oviedo, to the trash the dress in the forest.

We hope you can realize the work we did at the time you see the photos.

Guys, thank you very much!!! For your confidence and your family too.